Who are Bumbo?

On June 29, 2012, in Bumbo Baby Seat, by abbie

Bumbo Baby Seat Logo

The Bumbo company was started in 2001 by South African, Johan Buitendach who wanted to start a business to mass produce his idea for a baby seat that was not only safe but also helped the physical development of babies.

In 2001 the first Bumbo chairs were released to the mass market, the seats are not only colourful and attractive to look at, but they can actually help your baby’s posture by enabling them to sit up “on their own”.

At the time there was nothing like the Bumbo Baby Sitter on the market and certainly nothing of such high quality at such an affordable price. Since 2001 then the company has gone from little known South African start up to something that parents the world over cannot believe they managed without.

Blue Bumbo Baby Seat

Loved the world over

Bumbo products are now available in 130 countries around the world!  In just 11 years the Bumbo company has gone from a small warehouse employing 11 people to  a site covering over 47,000 square feet with 460 employees and another 100 jobs in the pipeline!  All of this growth has allowed the company to become trully philanthropic.

Bumbo Cares

Bumbo prove they care by donating 100% of the profits that the company make to charitable causes which enrich the lives of disadvantaged children.  Johan donated the intellectual property to the Bumbo brand to Maranatha Bana which is a charitable organisation who’s primary function is to care for the well being of underprivileged children.

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