Bumbo Baby Seat colour chart

Bumbo Baby Seats come in several different colours so you can be sure to get a seat to match either the colour scheme of your nursery or the personality of your little one.  Of course you have the blue for boys and pink for girls options but also many other colours to choose from, especially if you would like to buy a neutrally coloured seat if you are planning on having more children in the future.

Bumbo comes in the following colours:

  • Blue Aqua
  • Blue Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Purple Lilac
  • Green Lime
  • Yellow

What colour will you go for?  Does it depend on whether you have a boy or a girl?  Does your Bumbo fit in with the colour scheme of your baby’s room?  If so we would love to see a photo!

2 Responses to What colours do bumbo baby seats come in?

  1. [...] The red baby sitter is suitable for all children who can hold their own heads up, although Bumbo recommend children over 3 months or 8.8lbs can use it safely.  This seat would fit well in a room which has a red colour scheme, and football crazy fathers who support teams in red may favor this colour over the blue seat for boys!  Other bumbo chair colours are available. [...]

  2. [...] closing if you are ready to buy and are at all unsure maybe decide to buy one of the other many colours available. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! Tagged with: bumbo [...]