Does the Yellow Bumbo Baby Seat contain lead?

If you have done any research before buying your Bumbo Baby Seat you may have come accross the news story that the yellow version of the seat contains Lead or Cadmium, both of which are potentially dangerous heavy metals.  And that doesnt mean that they are  particularly loud rock bands!  This story propagated from the Essco Safety Check blog back in 2010 and in the article the yellow chairs were subjected to tests to determine if they contained any harmful substances.  It was found that by using an X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer that a yellow chair which was tested contained 2000 parts per million (PPM) of lead.  Anything over 1000 PPM is considered a “Significant Environmental Lead Hazard”.

It is worth noting that the kind people at Essco Safety Check have tested hundreds of seats in all colours and only found harmful elements in the yellow ones.  This could be something to do with the colouring used in the paint to get the bright yellow colour.

Should I be concerned if I have a Yellow Bumbo Baby Seat?

If you already have a Yellow chair please don’t be too alarmed, unless your child is chewing on the foam edges of the seat when sat in it then there shouldnt be too much of a health risk.  But if you are at all concerned you could discontinue the use of the seat or buy a cover which would cut out the contact of your babies skin and the bumbo seat altogether.  They key here is diligence and you should always monitor your child to ensure no harm comes to them.  If you believe your child may be at risk of lead poisoning you should speak to your family doctor.

Why do Bumbo still sell yellow ones?

There are safety standards in place for all products which are intended for use by children and as a company Bumbo must adhere to these standards if they want to sell their products in countries such as the UK and USA.  From the article mentioned above it is thought that Bumbo perhaps stopped using lead in their yellow seats as small amounts of Cadmium have also been found in the yellow ones, although not at a level deemed unacceptable by the standards agencies.

A quote from the Essco Safety Check Blog:

“First, just because a consumer product that your child is exposed contains a heavy metal, does not mean that that heavy metal will harm your child.  But since that harmful element is present it may cause harm. Simple awareness can mitigate this harm.”

I think that is good advice and that parents who have yellow seats should exercise caution possibly using a cover to minimise contact with the seat itself.

Bumbo issued a statement back in August 2009 reassuring customers that their products are safe.  In my opinion the wording doesnt quite make sense, but the message is clear:

“Bumbo International has remained faithful in its commitment to producing unparalleled products based on its rich legacy of innovation, creativity, service and reliability.”

In closing if you are ready to buy and are at all unsure maybe decide to buy one of the other many colours available.

Yellow Bumbo Baby Seat

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Yellow Bumbo Baby Seat
The Yellow Bumbo Baby Sitter is an exciting colour which will definitely inspire your little one when sat in it.

Who is it suitable for?

The yellow bumbo chair is perfect for children between 3 and 18 months old, although can safely be used by any child who can support their own head.

The yellow chair would is a very unisex colour and would suit either a boy or a girl.

Where to buy

The Yellow Bumbo is available online from: