Red Bumbo Baby Seat
The Red Bumbo Baby Chair is striking to look at with its bold inspiring look it is sure to catch your baby’s eye.

Who is it suitable for?

The red baby sitter is suitable for all children who can hold their own heads up, although Bumbo recommend children over 3 months or 8.8lbs can use it safely.  This seat would fit well in a room which has a red colour scheme, and football crazy fathers who support teams in red may favor this colour over the blue seat for boys!  Other bumbo chair colours are available.

Where to buy

The Red Bumbo is available online from:




Babies and Bumbo

Pink Bumbo Baby Seat perfect for girls

Parents cannot stop raving about the Bumbo Baby Seat for the simple reason that they do their job extremely well.

The baby chairs are a superb tool for the development of the muscles required to allow your child to sit upright all on their own.  As soon as your child can support their own head they are ready to start using Bumbo.

 What exactly is it?

The seat itself is made from a soft, easy to clean and non toxic material, so you can be sure that baby will be safe and comfortable when using it.  It is made so that baby’s own bodyweight and the positioning of the legs ensures that baby sits in a natural position for learning to use the muscles which they will eventually use to sit up on their own.

When can my baby start using the Bumbo Baby Sitter?

Officially babies can start using the seat as soon as they can support their own head.  The guidelines set out by Bubmo state that it is suitable for babies between 3 and 14 months old, or 4kg and 10kg (8.8lb and 22lb).  This however should be governed by the physical development of your baby.  Many 4kg (8.8lb) babies will still be too small to use the seat properly and you should therefore wait until they are a little bigger.

From the Bumbo website Donald Pillai is quoted as saying:

“It (The seat) enables and encourages babies’ interest in their environment, which, until now, has been problematic for moms (who, contrary to popular belief, only have one pair of hands). And this interest, a crucial element for stimulating brain development, profoundly affects Baby’s intelligence over the long term.”

The seats can be used in all manner of situations from watching TV, playing with toys, watching mummy prepare dinner in the kitchen and even with a play tray for baby to eat food from himself.

On the road

Bumbo is small enough to be packed into the car when going on outings to the beach, park or visits to the grandparents house.  The design ensures that the child can interact with parents and gives mummy and daddy the freedom to play with little one without worrying about them falling over.

The larger Bumbo product range

Bumbo expanded their product range  with the introduction of the Bumbo Play Tray, the Bumbo Toilet Trainer, the Bumbo Mobile and Othe products designed in the same vein to solve a problem for the parents of today.

For information on Bumbos product range click here.

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