Pottery Barn Farmyard Stacker with soft play animals

I saw this and thought it would be perfect for my little ones playroom, a farmyard theme would suit boys or girls and is just so cute it’s unbelievable.  Large, soft farm animals in the form of a Chicken, Cow, Sheep and Pig will bring a smile to any toddler and can even when not in use by your child would look perfect sat in the corner, especially when the play room is decorated with Pop and Lolli stickers.


Pop and Lolli Farmyard wall stickers

Pop and Lolli Decals

If you read our previous post on Pop and Lolli you will know we’re big fans as the stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove and reapply if you need to move house or repaint your room.  They are also a really easy way to bring your little ones room to life without going overboard with children’s wallpaper which they will grow out of.

The plan in our house is to use these with our little girl and then remove and store them for our next child, that way we get the best value for money.

Pop and Lolli Farmyard wall stickers


The farm yard stacker is made with embroidered details that are safe for babies and so there are no small parts that can be pulled off and put in their mouths.  Unfortunately the stacker is only available from US chain Pottery Barn, but the good news is they do deliver to the UK.  It’s £74.17 and you can pre-order now for delivery after 26th September.  So quite a wait, but if your baby isn’t walking yet order now and it might arrive just in time!

Pop and Lolli is also a US company but again offers UK delivery.

Here is a rather poor artists impression of what the two would look like together!

Pottery Barn and Pop and Lolli farmyard fun
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Pop and Lolli in space

Every now and again a product catches my eye which just wows me with it’s design and just like the bumbo baby seat Pop and lolli have created one of those products.

What is Pop and Lolli?

Pop and Lolli are a small company based in the USA who produce stickers and decals which can be applied directly onto walls, with no wallpaper paste, no mess and most of all no fuss.  The decals can also be removed and reapplied if you were to move house or decide you wanted them elsewhere in the home.

Pop and Lolli at the Beach

Perfect for playrooms and Nurseries

If you want to brighten up your little ones room these easy to fit stickers are just the thing for you, they instantly make any room come alive with their colourful and engaging designs.  There are lots of themes to choose from including, Pirates, Robots, Jungles and the sea.

Pop and Lolli

Who is responsible for all of this?

Another South African success story, Pop and Lolli was founded by Mia, a South African who moved to the USA for college, fell pregnant and never looked back.  Having design at her heart and four years experience as a Walt Disney imagineer I can’t imagine many more qualified for the job of bringing smiles to children’s faces.

Pop and Lolli ship all over the world, however shipping is quite expensive to the UK, so you may want to consider grouping together with some other parents and splitting the cost as no matter how much you order shipping costs the same.

Pop and Lolli in Africa