ExmoBaby Smart Suit in blue

Why are you crying?!

As any new parent will tell you it is hard.  Hard to sleep, hard to get things done and hard to know what your little one wants when they are crying.  Is she hungry, is she wet, is she dirty, is she teething, is she tired or is she just crying because noone really needs more than two hours sleep a night?  Well all of that could be a thing of the past if you get yourself an ExmoBaby Smart suit.

From the title alone it conjures up images of an Iron Man type suit for babies, sadly this is not the case, but you will want to read on.

ExmoBaby Smart Garments

These look just like regular baby grows, however enclosed within the clothing are special sensors and conductive fibers along with a detatchable wireless receiver which relays allsorts of information to either your home PC or mobile phone.  Data such as ECG, Heartrate, movement and perspiration is sent wirelessly to a device of your choice so that you always know the stats of your child.  Based on this information you can then deduce what is wrong with your child, depending on the data being fed into your computer you should be able to see if baby is hungry or has a wet nappy.  Isnt technology great?!

Science Fiction

This sounds very much like something out of a Sci-Fi film, but it is very real and is the result of years of research.  The product is aimed at first time parents and the chronically neurotic to reassure them that all is well with their tot.  The suits are fully washable once the transmitter has been detached, so no need to worry that your baby will have to wear the same baby grow until they are two years old.

ExmoBaby Smart Suit

Applications in real life

Despite my initial scepticism that this product would actually work, it may actually have real world applications.  First of all consider the risk of SIDS, there are currently devices which can be placed in cots and moses baskets which will measure heartrate or breathing and sound an alarm if it reaches levels of concern, this suit could do the same thing.

You may have put your baby in childcare because you have to go back to work, with the ExmoBaby suit you could still monitor their numbers as the day goes on and ensure that the childcare are looking after them and they arent too distressed.

Perhaps the most useful application of a suit like this would be in the monitoring of ill babies and premature babies. this would be a noninvasive way to track vital signs and report findings back to doctors.

So how much is it?

Brace yourself.  This has no chance of going mainstream just yet as it’s still in the beta testing phase.  If you like the idea however and you want to become an early adopter you can buy a Standard Evaluation kit, which comprises of one suit and the monitoring equipment for $1,000 (£637) or a Deluxe Evaluation kit, which includes one suit of each size, that will set you back $2,500 (£1,594).  Not going to be one to add to the baby shower list then.

Anyone else spotted the obvious flaw?

My baby goes through more wardrobe changes than the cast of a west end musical and so even if this Smart Suit was to be worn underneath something else it would still get covered in milk, sick and other bodily fluids at least once a day causing the need for it to be changed.  So if worried parents wanted to buy this system, would they have to shell out for multiple suits?  I would think that if you are doing a wash every day you would still need four or five to keep track of your child at all times.

Would you buy this if it were affordable?  Do you think that the technology to monitor your child is a good thing or are you more of the opinion that they didnt have technology in the old days so why do we need it now?  Join the discussion on Facebook.

Still have questions.  Visit the ExmoBaby FAQ’s, now if they would only make one in the colours of Iron Man!

Iron baby