Baby in nappy doing a superman pose

In the stone ages when men lived in caves and wore loin cloths infants have always presented a problem, they soil themselves, a lot!  You can change your baby’s nappy up to ten times a day, sometimes more, and that disposable nappy that you use, who invented it.  If you care to know such things, and sometimes it pays to know (think pub quiz) then Rachel Swaby over at Gizmodo, a technology blog, did a history piece on nappies which is worth reading.

Over the past seventy years the nappy has evolved, but like Rachel says in her article:

Despite decades of design improvements, every baby finds a way to outsmart a diaper.

Too true as my daughter proved to me.

Nappy accident

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Elements Compostable Organic Environmentally Friendly Baby Wipes

How green are you?  Are you the type of parent who cares about the environment?  Who buys organic food maybe?  And like to recycle as much as possible?  If you are then you will want to read on.

Enter Elements Naturals of Oregon

Elements are a company which produces baby products which are not only good for tot’s but also for the planet.  Not content with manufacturing the worlds first 100% natural and biodegradable baby wipes, Elements now have another world first.

The very first 100% biodegradable environmentally friendly nappy

That’s right 100% natural nappies made from a plant based substance called Ingeo.  It’s hard not to want the best for your baby, and if you can help save the planet at the same time, then it’s a win-win.

September 2012


The nappy can completely break down in as little as 90 days meaning that if you threw a nappy in your compost bin on July 1st it would have totally decomposed by the end of September, which is coincidentally when they should be available.  However they are extremely hard to find to buy online if you are in the UK!

Elements Compostable Organic Environmentally Friendly Nappy