Can i use my Bumbo baby seat in the bath


Bumbo seats are great, they not only help your child learn to sit up on their own, but they can be a real help when you as a parent need to get something done.  It’s easy to sit your child in the chair maybe with the play tray attached and let them eat, play or watch TV whilst you get yourself a bite to eat, or do the hoovering or simply sit down and have a cup of tea whilst watching them.

More than once I have thought about using the floor seat for bath time, it seems like the Bumbo would be perfect in the bath, so why not?  I watched the film “The Change Up” recently, the body swapping comedy starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.  There is a scene in the movie where Bateman is bathing his two infant twins and he is unmistakably using two Bumbo seats to make the job easier.  Ignoring the continuity error with the bubbles (the two images in this post are literally seconds apart in the film), it got me thinking, that if Hollywood producers thought it would be a good idea to shoot the scene with Bumbo’s then there must be thousands of families around the world doing exactly the same thing.   And that raised more questions.  How safe is it?  What effect does it have on the chair? Why don’t Bumbo make a Bath Chair?

The Change up Bumbo Baby Seats in the Bath tub

How safe is it?

My research has concluded that it can be either fairly safe or very unsafe.  It’s all relative to how you plan your bathtime, if you want something to keep your child in a seated position whilst you wash and play with them, then it can be just as safe as using the chair on the floor.  However if you plan on leaving the room to put the washing away or sitting on the toilet texting then you’re putting your child in danger.  The Bumbo Baby Sitter isn’t a substitute for actual supervision!

Here’s a youtube video by wngraham showing a supervised baby in the bath.

Bumbos float

There are warnings on the Bumbo itself and the packaging and warning leaflets that it is not designed for use in water.  The lightweight soft material which is so good for use in the living room or the play room doesn’t work well when exposed to water, think about it, light things float, and added to that the hollow recess underneath the chair which will stay filled with air will mean that if you have more than a few inches of water in the bath and your baby may not weigh enough to counter the buoyancy, then the chair will become unstable and your child could fall out!

They are not waterproof

Again going back to that soft lightweight material that they are made from, sometimes when Bumbos are well used they can get tiny tears in them, or holes, or rips, or fissures, or whatever you want to call them.  These weaknesses can allow water to get into them and this makes it extremely difficult to dry out the seat completely.  I think you can guess what would happen after a few weeks in this case, you’re looking at mould, funky smells and general nastiness.  It’s not worth having to throw your Bumbo away with the bathwater for the convenience of a few dips in the tub.  If you have installed the safety harness on your seat then the holes which affix the straps are the same ones which will allow water to get inside the seat.

bumbo baby sitter chairs in the bath on the change up

Twins in the tub in "The Change Up"


Why don’t Bumbo make a bath chair?

Who knows, but it’s not in the product catalog just yet, perhaps it’s because Bumbo products are known to be soft and comfy and this doesn’t really translate to waterproof very well.  There are however plenty of other fit for purpose bath chairs which are made from a more durable plastic designed especially for submersion in water.  Granted the vast majority are hard plastic and nowhere near as comfortable as the Bumbo chair, but your baby shouldn’t be in the bathtub for extended periods of time so this shouldn’t be an issue.

So can I use my Bumbo in the bath?

I wouldn’t recommend anyone putting their child in the bath using one, there are a lot of potential risks and as yet no children have died or been seriously injured due to improper use in the bath but there have been accidents, please don’t let your little one have one.  Be sensible and if you must have a seat for the bath try one of these for size.

Having covered a similar query before I continue to get questions like the following:

Do Bumbo make a car seat?“, “Is it safe to use my Bumbo in the car?” and “Is the Bumbo a car seat?” and feel I need to address this issue again.

It is extremely dangerous to use your bumbo baby chair as a car seat.  There is a specific warning on the back of the chair which reads:

“Never use as a car seat”

If you need any more convincing then consider this video which shows a crash test of children’s car seats.  As you watch the video consider that instead of a proper car seat, a Bumbo instead.

I hope that has convinced you that using a Bumbo as a car seat is not a good idea! Far better for your piece of mind to invest in a fit for purpose car seat than even risk making a short journey with your baby in the car in their Bumbo!

Bumbo Car Seat

Are Bumbo releasing a car seat?

Back to the original question, and the answer?  Unfortunately not, after multiple emails to the South African head office there is still no word on a car seat, however it would be a logical next step to add one to the Bumbo range.

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How safe are bumbo Baby Seats

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Bumbo on kitchen counter at height

Safety in 2012 is a relative term, in “the olden days” when babies were learning to sit up the most they got was a few cushions to prop them up, and this approach worked well for a long time, no instructions were needed and parents supervised their children to make sure that they didn’t come to harm.  Mummies and Daddies wouldn’t dream of propping their children up on pillows on top of a table and leaving them alone. So why is it that such a doubt has been cast over the safety of Bumbo Chairs?  There are many infant toys and seats which if used in the wrong way can cause harm, but usually common sense prevails. The following Youtube video shows a tot called Wesley escaping from his Bumbo on the floor.


In the end Wes falls out onto the floor, which is padded with a baby safe play mat, he’s not hurt and his mother or sister aren’t really that concerned.  So should you be concerned about your child falling out of their seat?  I personally don’t think so, if you are apprehensive about a fall like that seen in the video then you need a reality check really quickly, your baby will no doubt have much worse than that during the course of their toddler years and be no worse off for it.  Especially when they’re learning to walk, they fall down all the time and do parents get concerned about that?  Not at all, it’s all part of growing up.

Bumbo Baby Seats are as safe as the parents who are supervising the child.  If you are keeping a close eye on your baby then not a lot of harm can come to them.  If you decide to sit your child on the counter while you turn away to do the washing up or at the top of the stairs whilst you go in the shower then not only should you not be using a Bumbo, but you shouldn’t really have children either! What do you think?

Do you have a Bumbo or are you considering getting one?  Let us know on Facebook. Similar reading - Are Bumbo Baby Seats safe to use - Bumbo Product Recall *Image of Bumbo on kitchen counter at height.  Please note no babies were put in harms way while this photo was taken, this situation was set up purely for this article, she wasn’t left on the counter whilst the washing up was done!

Blue Bumbo Baby Seat - Ideal for boys

At the end of 2011 as lots of parents were giving the Bumbo Baby Seat as a Christmas present to their little ones Mitch Lipka wrote a story for Reuters entitled “Did Bumbo ignore child safety in favor of profits?

The main focus of the article is that of the safety aspects covered in our previous article.  Lipka quotes from the Ferrell family who’s son Cody was injured whilst sat in a Bumbo on a table.

“He arched his back up and he kind of flipped out of it sideways and backwards and rolled right off (the table),” Kevin Ferrell says. “It just happened in a split second.”

The Ferrell family are in the process of suing Toys R Us for selling them an unsafe childrens product.  It makes my blood boil that parents will simply not take responsibility for their own actions.  Where were the parents when this happened?  Were they right there watching him, or did they turn their back?  Does this mean if I was to buy a gun, not read the safety instructions and shoot myself in the foot I could sue the shop which sold me the gun?  Litigation culture in the USA is a joke!

My sympathies go out to little Cody and hopefully he suffered no lasting injuries, but in my mind it shouldn’t be Toys R Us in court it should be the poor little mans parents for thinking that a store they consciously bought a product from is responsible for an accident which happened in their home under their supervision!  Props have to be given to the family however as they are now evangelists for infant safety.  Every cloud and all that, hopefully they learnt their lesson.

Sensationalism sells stories and despite the claim that Bumbo aren’t bothered about safety only lining their own pockets, well Lipka doesn’t come back to that.  Mitch obviously didn’t do his homework when writing the story because if he did he would have learnt that Bumbo aren’t a money making giant company.  Formed in South Africa the company donates ALL THEIR PROFITS TO CHARITY!  That’s right every single penny of profit that is not used to grow the business goes towards helping underprivileged kids and would a company so intent on changing the lives of children deliberately produce a product which they know causes harm to children?  I think not.

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Bumbo Warning on the back of the seat

Can I use my baby sitter as a car seat? In a word NO!! Bumbo Baby Chairs were designed ONLY to be used on the floor on a flat surface and so even though it may look like a good idea to use the chair as a carseat it really isn’t!

It would be pretty irresponsible for any parent to risk their child’s life by using anything other than an approved car safety seat to transport their young ones.

Consider if you were involved in a collision and your child was in a bumbo baby seat, even with a seat belt on, baby’s neck could be broken by the seat belt and the forward momentum could cause serious damage due to ill fitting straps. Far better to have a proper car seat with seat belts and straps designed for little ones.

Bumbo Car Seat

Are bumbo working on a car seat?

I have had many people ask about this and so I contacted head office some weeks ago and have as yet received no reply. Shall we take that as a no then for now!?

I hope if you were considering using your Bumbo baby seat in the car that you have changed your mind. If you need a seat for the car you will find one to fit your car and your budget at Mothercare, Amazon or eBay.

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Image Source – Twitter

Purple Bumbo Baby Seat with White tray

Since reports of babies being injured using the Bumbo Baby Seat resulted in a product recall the Bumbo chair has in some circles gained an unfair reputation of not being safe.  Consider this of the 28 reports of children being injured falling out of the seats prior to the recall in 2007, how many of those injuries occured when the chair was on the floor?

Bumbo four step instructions

None, they all happened when the baby was in the seat at height, i.e. on a table or counter.  Does that mean the chairs arent safe?  Some parents complain that the chairs should come with straps to ensure your baby can’t climb out.  Bumbo’s response to this is that their product isn’t meant to be totally restrictive and the addition of a strap would make it so.

The result of the product recall was to issue clear instructions with the chair and actually print these instructions directly onto the chair should parents forget them!  Exactly what are those instructions? You can see them in the image on the left. In a nutshell, use your Bumbo only on the floor and supervise your child at all times.

Do you use a changing table when your baby is dirty?

If the answer is yes, then would you ever place your baby on the changing table and walk away to do something else and expect them to still be on the changing table when you returned?  I can’t see how any parent in their right mind would leave a child unattended on a changing table, whether there was a warning on the changing mat or not, so why the big fuss about Bumbos?

Baby Changing Table

When all is said and done if you are there to supervise your baby when they are using the bumbo baby sitter then what can go wrong?

I trust my little girl to play in her Bumbo and contrary to the safety warnings will now and again use the bumbo on the couch or on the table when I am feeding her, but I use my common sense and never leave her unattended so there is no way that any harm can come to her.

Still not convinced?  Have any questions?  Ask away on Facebook or Twitter

Lilac Purple Bumbo Baby Seat

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Lilac Purple Bumbo Baby Seat

The Lilac Purple Bumbo Baby Chair is slightly less bold than the rest of the Bumbo range with its pastel colour it exudes a calming influence on your baby.

Who is it suitable for?

The Purple baby sitter is suitable for babies who can support the weight of their own head.  Bumbo recommend that if your child is between 3 and 18 months they can use the seat safely.

This seat would fit well in a room which has a purple colour scheme and would suit both boys and girls!

Where to buy

The Purple Bumbo is available online from:




Yellow Bumbo Baby Seat

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Yellow Bumbo Baby Seat
The Yellow Bumbo Baby Sitter is an exciting colour which will definitely inspire your little one when sat in it.

Who is it suitable for?

The yellow bumbo chair is perfect for children between 3 and 18 months old, although can safely be used by any child who can support their own head.

The yellow chair would is a very unisex colour and would suit either a boy or a girl.

Where to buy

The Yellow Bumbo is available online from:




Lime Green Bumbo Baby Seat

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Lime Green Bumbo Baby Seat

The Green Bumbo Baby Chair is an exuberant and exciting colour which will definitely keep your baby interested when sat in it.

Who is it suitable for?

The green bumbo seat is perfect for children between 3 and 18 months old, although can safely be used by any child who can support their own head.

The green chair would be perfect for either a boy or a girl as it is a very unisex colour.  If you are looking for other bumbo chair colours, look no further.

Where to buy

The Green Bumbo is available online from:




Red Bumbo Baby Seat
The Red Bumbo Baby Chair is striking to look at with its bold inspiring look it is sure to catch your baby’s eye.

Who is it suitable for?

The red baby sitter is suitable for all children who can hold their own heads up, although Bumbo recommend children over 3 months or 8.8lbs can use it safely.  This seat would fit well in a room which has a red colour scheme, and football crazy fathers who support teams in red may favor this colour over the blue seat for boys!  Other bumbo chair colours are available.

Where to buy

The Red Bumbo is available online from: