Bumbo Play Tray

The Bumbo Play Tray is made of food safe, easy to clean plastic and attatches easily to your child’s chair.  The tray comes in one size only and therefore fits on all seats regardless of colour.

How does the tray secure to the chair?

The trays currently come in two different designs, the white one pictured here which attaches over the middle of the leg separator and secures under the bottom of the chair.  The second design is an opaque model featured below which attaches to the chair in a different way.  It hugs the leg separator on the sides and has an attachment which fits over the top, there are also channels which keep the try in place by fitting on the arms of the babysitter.

How can the play tray be used?

You can use the chair for many different things depending on the age of your child.  In the first instance you can place toys on the tray and baby can play with them, however when the toys are dropped it could cause problems if your child leans out to try and get them.  It may therefore be better if you can find toys with suction cups so you can stick them to the tray.

The tray is perfect for feeding time especially when weaning your baby as you can place food in a bowl or plate on the tray and feed from there.  Although the Bumbo chair is not a high chair it can be used as one when your child is too small to fit in one.

As your child gets old enough to pick at snacks themselves you could present grapes, raisins or other fruits and treats for baby to feed himself with.

The use of the tray enables baby to enhance their motor skills and hand eye (or hand mouth!) coordination by putting things in baby’s reach for them to pick up at will.

Blue Bumbo Baby Seat with Opaque plastic Play Tray














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