Baby Alert International Childminder System

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This product comes about after the recent revelation that our very own Prime Minister David Cameron left his child in pub.  But first I pose the question, have you ever left your child anywhere?  I have experienced in the past someone who left their newborn in Boots in a pram, yet remembered to take with them their bag of newly purchased baby products and someone who left their daughter outside a betting shop in a pushchair unattended to go inside and gamble.  Mr Cameron’s mistake made front page news and rightly so, if any normal member of society had done the same thing and it was discovered Social Services would have been contacted and a report kept on file at the very least.

So if you are the forgetful type like Davey C and his wife you will be glad to know that there is help at hand.  The next time you have one of those days where your body is on autopilot and you reach your destination without remembering the journey the Baby Alert International Childminder may come in handy.

The Baby Alert International Childminder System

The system is two fold a “Smart Clip” which you attatch to your baby’s car seat and the companion keyring which you put on your keys.  Should you have a brain fart and forget that you left your offspring in the car as soon as you get 15 feet away the keyring alarm will sound and you will realise you are the worst parent in the world!  Of course this doesn’t help when you lock your keys and your child in the car!  And I have seen this happen at Asda (not to me) and even though the child was happy as Larry sat in the car seat the hysterical mother ended up smashing the car window minutes before her husband with the spare key arrived.  In this case you will need….

Baby Alert International Childminder System Pressure Pad

The Baby Alert International Elite Pad System

Sounding more like some kind of sanitary towel for when your waters break than a child safety system this revolutionary device allows you to fit a pressure sensitive pad to the drivers seat of the car, so that when you complete your journey and get out of the car, the alarm sounds reminding you to get out your baby.  I think this system could be re-purposed with the help of a GPS system so that whenever you got out of the car in a petrol station a voice said “Remember to fill up with Diesel!”.  You can have that one for free Ford!

So there you have it, if you consider yourself forgetful enough to need one of theese you can buy them directly from the Baby Alert International website and they are approximately £44.63 each, depending on the current exchange rate.

So do you spend the best part of £50 on a high tech proximity alarm system, or if you really are so forgetful that you will leave the most important person in your life alone in a car try this.

Dog Lead

Infant Proximity Recall Device

Infant Proximity Recall Device

The above image is a device of my own design, it may look exactly like a dog lead, however it is in fact the latest in high tech hardware.  You simply attatch the large black handle to your baby’s car seat and then attach the other end around your neck using the built in clip, then should you complete your journey and get out and walk 15 meters you will know about it.

This is available for nearly half the price at a mere £25.50 from Feedem and a lot less from your local pet store.  I repeat it is NOT a dog lead.  If you want to go even cheaper consider investing in a permanent marker and writing “BABY” on the backs of both hands, this should issue a reminder before any harm comes to your child.

What do you think?  Willing to own up to leaving your child on top of a piano?  Join the discussion on Facebook.

You left me where!