Green Bumbo with straps


My own opinion on yesterday’s announcement of the Bumbo Product recall is currently being left to fester a little while, but in the meantime, here’s a little bit of what people had to say on the social networks about the situation.

Liz Anderson on Facebook notes:
We have always recommended the Bumbo seat. Gave 2 to friends and family and our kids never fell out of them….Where are parents putting their child in the seat that they can fracture their skull????? It is not meant to put your kid on the kitchen counter and disappear…WATCH YOUR KID!!!
@ColoradoMom on Twitter says

Maybe instead of recalling Bumbo‘s, they should recall the parents who put their babies on a counter and walk away?! ;)

Dana La Curan via Facebook says:
Bumbo seats recall…. LAME!!! How about a parent recall instead?? A news report wrote, “Since a 2007 recall, at least 50 incidents have been reported in which babies fell while the molded-foam seat was on a raised surface.” No sh** people!! Lil ones wiggle, rock, throw their weight back, go limp… they are unpredictable and always exploring the use of their body. So, why in the world would anyone put their kid in this AWESOME chair and not be nearby/monitoring the kid??? Bumbo is a chair, NOT a babysitter. So when you neglect your child and allow them to flip themselves off a counter, take a lil self-responsibility for their injuries and pain instead of suing. Just saying.
Angela Lee on Facebook asks:
Why is there a recall on your seat? As far as I remember (it’s been a while, so I could be wrong) you have warnings that state “Never leave a child unattended on an elevated surface” – so why are you paying out of pocket for straps, when it’s not your fault? Why aren’t those parents getting lectured from CPS, Law Enforcement and doctors/nurses?

And finally Jennifer Deck on Facebook posts:

DEFIANT… we love our Bumbo with or without straps. Yes she is being closely watched as I took this picture. :)

Jennifer Deck Baby Bumbo

What a happy baby!  What are your opinions? join the discussion and leave a comment now.