Bumbo Recall kit child restraint straps

After the recent product recall regarding the Bumbo Baby Seat, parents are being encouraged to order a Restraint Safety Belt which they can fit to the Bumbo Baby Seat to enable them to strap their child in.  This safety belt is being issued due to the number of children who have sustained head injuries due to them falling out of their Bumbo from high places like kitchen worktops and dining tables.

Bumbo advise that parents discontinue using the babysitter until they receive their safety harness, this however has sparked a debate from mums and dads who are perfectly happy with the Bumbo without the straps.  Ultimately you should make your own mind up.  In the safety kit you will also receive a sticker with fresh warnings about the use of your chair.  Warnings which really should be common sense to any parent.

The Bumbo website has also quietly started referring to the Bumbo Baby Sitter as the Bumbo Floor Seat.  Subtly changing the name of the chair to hopefully reinforce the fact that it should be used on the floor and not anywhere that could cause a child harm if they were to fall out.

You can now order Bumbo Safety Kits wherever you are in the World as detailed below.

  • To get your bumbo safety belt in the UK you need to contact tomy@responseuk.co.uk
  • To order your child safety system in the USA visit the US product recall website.
  • If you live in Canada visit the Canadian product recall website.
  • If you live in Australia you need to email info@exquira.com.au
  • And if you live anywhere else on the globe including Europe and South Africa you will need to contact info@bumbo.com

Will you be ordering your child restraint belt?  Will you stop using the Bumbo until it arrives?  Or are you confident that while you are there to supervise your child that no harm can come from using the Bumbo?  Let us know by visiting our Facebook page.

Green Bumbo with straps

4 Responses to How to get your Bumbo Restraint Belt to improve safety of your baby seat

  1. [...] Bumbo strap for all bumbos (email tomy for free) This whole issue went completely over my head as my LO not been in it for ages but we have kept to use for the next one, but apparently they shouldn't be sold without this new strap addition that was developed for it. You can email tomy to have one sent out for free if anybody has a bumbo and no strap for it already. http://bumbobabyseats.co.uk/how-to-g…our-baby-seat/ [...]

  2. Kate says:

    No I will not stop using it until the strap arrives as I would never leave my baby unattended or put it on a raised surface. This is to stop my baby arching backwards in it and for peace of mind. Kate

  3. Kate says:

    Who puts their baby on a work surface in a bumbo???? Idiots.

  4. Sarah says:

    I find this seat a god send its agreat idea and this belt will be an added safety feature.