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If you read the news yesterday you may have noticed a new safety concern over the ever popular Bumbo Baby seat.  After an initial product recall in 2007 when a million bumbo baby sitters were recalled, a fresh recall has been issued by Bumbo USA.

This is due to further reports of head trauma including fractured skulls caused by babies falling out of the chair when used incorrectly i.e. putting them on tables or counter tops.   To make the chairs safe Bumbo USA are sending out free harness straps which can be fitted to the seat to stop children from falling out.  These are pictured above and can be easily fitted by parents using the supplied equipment.  BumboUSA are telling parents to discontinue using them until they receive their straps in the post.

How do I get a Bumbo Restraint Belt?

UPDATED ARTICLE can be found here.

If you live in the USA:

Visit http://www.recall.bumbousa.com/ and follow the on screen instructions to determine if you are eligible (Hint, if you dont already have a belt, you are eligible!) and order your restraint belt and warning sticker.

If you live in Canada:

Visit http://www.bumbocanada.com/ and follow the instructions on screen to order your safety kit.

And if you live anywhere else in the world including the UK, the rest of Europe and Australia unfortunately you are only left with the option of emailing Bumbo head office at: info@bumbo.co.za UPDATE can be found here.

So after all this fuss there isnt actually a product recall, as nothing is actually being recalled to the factory, a safety kit is however being sent out to parents who own Bumbo’s as a precaution.  It is worth noting that this is a voluntary recall and that Bumbo have not been forced into this action.  What do you think about this?  Is it a good thing that Bumbo have recognised this and made amends to rectify it?  Are they being too cautious?  Will this spoil the appeal of Bumbo?  Please let us know your comments good or bad on Facebook and while you’re there show your support for Bumbo Baby seat and give us a Like.

Green Bumbo with straps

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