Do you have a Bumbo Baby Seat?

If you are anything like I was before my daughter was born you were reading up on everything to do with babies as soon as you learnt you were expecting.  I was also on the look out for everything I needed for when my little one arrived, from pushchairs and moses baskets to baby bottles and clothes.  I also spoke to all the other parents I knew, and even started conversations with other pregnant women at random.  (And one who wasn’t actually pregnant)  More than one person told me “You should definately get a Bumbo!”, “What on earth is a Bumbo” I thought.

The first time a friend showed me their Bumbo Baby Seat I thought it was a potty and that the same friend was trying to potty train a 5 month old, but then they showed my their baby sitting in it and loving being able to look around without mummy having to hold them up.  The seat was especially useful come meal times.  I had to have one for when my little one was old enough!

Abbie in Blue Bumbo Baby Seat

Good for babies, great for parents

I had fallen in love with the simplicity of it all and the fact that this little seat would help the development of my baby as well as give me a free pair of hands meant that buying one was a no brainer!  But before I bought one I wanted to know more about them, and so, as most people do when they learn of a new product, I turned to the internet.

I tried to research the benefits of using the Bumbo Baby Chair and the best prices, but quickly found out that there wasn’t a lot of information out there, and what there was was scattered around on forums, youtube videos and other blogs, not even the Official Bumbo website could answer all my questions.  I persevered and got the answers to my questions, and what I couldn’t find I would find out for myself eventually!

So I decided I wanted to share what I learnt about these amazing little seats and let you know where you can buy them online for the best prices.  I wanted to create a one stop shop for everything Bumbo related.  I also wanted to create a community of other parents who had discovered Bumbo or were thinking of buying one.  So I started the Facebook Page.  It is my hope that it will grow as parents discover Bumbo and come to share their stories, photos, ideas and hints and tips, as well as any warnings they may have about the safe use of the chair.  Please Like Us on Facebook and join in the discussion.

Where to buy?

It is possible to buy a cheap Bumbo seat, there are good deals available, if you know where to look.  I have started to build up a directory of places where you can purchase low priced Bumbo chairs and it is my hope that eventually online retailers will begin to offer readers of this website special prices and discounts.

I hope that you find my website useful and that your child loves their Bumbo as much as my little one does.

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