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Blue Bumbo Baby Seat - Ideal for boys

At the end of 2011 as lots of parents were giving the Bumbo Baby Seat as a Christmas present to their little ones Mitch Lipka wrote a story for Reuters entitled “Did Bumbo ignore child safety in favor of profits?

The main focus of the article is that of the safety aspects covered in our previous article.  Lipka quotes from the Ferrell family who’s son Cody was injured whilst sat in a Bumbo on a table.

“He arched his back up and he kind of flipped out of it sideways and backwards and rolled right off (the table),” Kevin Ferrell says. “It just happened in a split second.”

The Ferrell family are in the process of suing Toys R Us for selling them an unsafe childrens product.  It makes my blood boil that parents will simply not take responsibility for their own actions.  Where were the parents when this happened?  Were they right there watching him, or did they turn their back?  Does this mean if I was to buy a gun, not read the safety instructions and shoot myself in the foot I could sue the shop which sold me the gun?  Litigation culture in the USA is a joke!

My sympathies go out to little Cody and hopefully he suffered no lasting injuries, but in my mind it shouldn’t be Toys R Us in court it should be the poor little mans parents for thinking that a store they consciously bought a product from is responsible for an accident which happened in their home under their supervision!  Props have to be given to the family however as they are now evangelists for infant safety.  Every cloud and all that, hopefully they learnt their lesson.

Sensationalism sells stories and despite the claim that Bumbo aren’t bothered about safety only lining their own pockets, well Lipka doesn’t come back to that.  Mitch obviously didn’t do his homework when writing the story because if he did he would have learnt that Bumbo aren’t a money making giant company.  Formed in South Africa the company donates ALL THEIR PROFITS TO CHARITY!  That’s right every single penny of profit that is not used to grow the business goes towards helping underprivileged kids and would a company so intent on changing the lives of children deliberately produce a product which they know causes harm to children?  I think not.

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Bumbo Warning on the back of the seat

Can I use my baby sitter as a car seat? In a word NO!! Bumbo Baby Chairs were designed ONLY to be used on the floor on a flat surface and so even though it may look like a good idea to use the chair as a carseat it really isn’t!

It would be pretty irresponsible for any parent to risk their child’s life by using anything other than an approved car safety seat to transport their young ones.

Consider if you were involved in a collision and your child was in a bumbo baby seat, even with a seat belt on, baby’s neck could be broken by the seat belt and the forward momentum could cause serious damage due to ill fitting straps. Far better to have a proper car seat with seat belts and straps designed for little ones.

Bumbo Car Seat

Are bumbo working on a car seat?

I have had many people ask about this and so I contacted head office some weeks ago and have as yet received no reply. Shall we take that as a no then for now!?

I hope if you were considering using your Bumbo baby seat in the car that you have changed your mind. If you need a seat for the car you will find one to fit your car and your budget at Mothercare, Amazon or eBay.

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Image Source – Twitter

Purple Bumbo Baby Seat with White tray

Since reports of babies being injured using the Bumbo Baby Seat resulted in a product recall the Bumbo chair has in some circles gained an unfair reputation of not being safe.  Consider this of the 28 reports of children being injured falling out of the seats prior to the recall in 2007, how many of those injuries occured when the chair was on the floor?

Bumbo four step instructions

None, they all happened when the baby was in the seat at height, i.e. on a table or counter.  Does that mean the chairs arent safe?  Some parents complain that the chairs should come with straps to ensure your baby can’t climb out.  Bumbo’s response to this is that their product isn’t meant to be totally restrictive and the addition of a strap would make it so.

The result of the product recall was to issue clear instructions with the chair and actually print these instructions directly onto the chair should parents forget them!  Exactly what are those instructions? You can see them in the image on the left. In a nutshell, use your Bumbo only on the floor and supervise your child at all times.

Do you use a changing table when your baby is dirty?

If the answer is yes, then would you ever place your baby on the changing table and walk away to do something else and expect them to still be on the changing table when you returned?  I can’t see how any parent in their right mind would leave a child unattended on a changing table, whether there was a warning on the changing mat or not, so why the big fuss about Bumbos?

Baby Changing Table

When all is said and done if you are there to supervise your baby when they are using the bumbo baby sitter then what can go wrong?

I trust my little girl to play in her Bumbo and contrary to the safety warnings will now and again use the bumbo on the couch or on the table when I am feeding her, but I use my common sense and never leave her unattended so there is no way that any harm can come to her.

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Pottery Barn Farmyard Stacker with soft play animals

I saw this and thought it would be perfect for my little ones playroom, a farmyard theme would suit boys or girls and is just so cute it’s unbelievable.  Large, soft farm animals in the form of a Chicken, Cow, Sheep and Pig will bring a smile to any toddler and can even when not in use by your child would look perfect sat in the corner, especially when the play room is decorated with Pop and Lolli stickers.


Pop and Lolli Farmyard wall stickers

Pop and Lolli Decals

If you read our previous post on Pop and Lolli you will know we’re big fans as the stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove and reapply if you need to move house or repaint your room.  They are also a really easy way to bring your little ones room to life without going overboard with children’s wallpaper which they will grow out of.

The plan in our house is to use these with our little girl and then remove and store them for our next child, that way we get the best value for money.

Pop and Lolli Farmyard wall stickers


The farm yard stacker is made with embroidered details that are safe for babies and so there are no small parts that can be pulled off and put in their mouths.  Unfortunately the stacker is only available from US chain Pottery Barn, but the good news is they do deliver to the UK.  It’s £74.17 and you can pre-order now for delivery after 26th September.  So quite a wait, but if your baby isn’t walking yet order now and it might arrive just in time!

Pop and Lolli is also a US company but again offers UK delivery.

Here is a rather poor artists impression of what the two would look like together!

Pottery Barn and Pop and Lolli farmyard fun
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This video found over at ipad3simcard.co.uk shows a one year old girl trying to use a magazine like an iPad.  Is it a good thing that today’s babies are becoming more technologically advanced?  Or a bad thing that this baby can use an iPad before she can walk or talk?

What do you think?  Let us know on Twitter.

Baby and iPad

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Withings wireless baby scale

Have you ever tried to weigh your baby?  Kitchen scales although accurate to ounces don’t go high enough to weigh babies and bathroom scales aren’t accurate enough only measuring to the nearest pound.  So what do you do when you need to weigh your baby?  Use the bathroom scales for an approximate weight?

When my daughter was born there was some concern because she had lost more than 10% of her birth weight in the days after she was born and had to go back into hospital to be monitored.  Thankfully everything turned out fine and a few days later was able to come back home.  In the weeks afterwards we were always concerned if she was putting on weight at a healthy rate, and waiting for health visitors to come and weigh her was an anxious time.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a scale yourself and could keep tabs on your little one’s progress?  That’s just what Withings have announced with the world’s first internet connected baby and toddler scale.  You can weigh your baby and the weight is wirelessly transmitted to a device of your choice, be it computer, smart phone or iPad for you to track progress.  You can also use this information to automatically update Facebook or Twitter if you want to be one of those annoying parents, or you can have the updates sent to an email address such as a doctor or health visitor perhaps?

If you want to know when the scale becomes available in the UK then sign up for information.  The price is likely to be quite expensive, but for families who wish to have more than one child it may be well worth the investment.

And for more information read the press release.

withings baby weight app

Baby in nappy doing a superman pose

In the stone ages when men lived in caves and wore loin cloths infants have always presented a problem, they soil themselves, a lot!  You can change your baby’s nappy up to ten times a day, sometimes more, and that disposable nappy that you use, who invented it.  If you care to know such things, and sometimes it pays to know (think pub quiz) then Rachel Swaby over at Gizmodo, a technology blog, did a history piece on nappies which is worth reading.

Over the past seventy years the nappy has evolved, but like Rachel says in her article:

Despite decades of design improvements, every baby finds a way to outsmart a diaper.

Too true as my daughter proved to me.

Nappy accident

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Baby Alert International Childminder System

Front Page News

This product comes about after the recent revelation that our very own Prime Minister David Cameron left his child in pub.  But first I pose the question, have you ever left your child anywhere?  I have experienced in the past someone who left their newborn in Boots in a pram, yet remembered to take with them their bag of newly purchased baby products and someone who left their daughter outside a betting shop in a pushchair unattended to go inside and gamble.  Mr Cameron’s mistake made front page news and rightly so, if any normal member of society had done the same thing and it was discovered Social Services would have been contacted and a report kept on file at the very least.

So if you are the forgetful type like Davey C and his wife you will be glad to know that there is help at hand.  The next time you have one of those days where your body is on autopilot and you reach your destination without remembering the journey the Baby Alert International Childminder may come in handy.

The Baby Alert International Childminder System

The system is two fold a “Smart Clip” which you attatch to your baby’s car seat and the companion keyring which you put on your keys.  Should you have a brain fart and forget that you left your offspring in the car as soon as you get 15 feet away the keyring alarm will sound and you will realise you are the worst parent in the world!  Of course this doesn’t help when you lock your keys and your child in the car!  And I have seen this happen at Asda (not to me) and even though the child was happy as Larry sat in the car seat the hysterical mother ended up smashing the car window minutes before her husband with the spare key arrived.  In this case you will need….

Baby Alert International Childminder System Pressure Pad

The Baby Alert International Elite Pad System

Sounding more like some kind of sanitary towel for when your waters break than a child safety system this revolutionary device allows you to fit a pressure sensitive pad to the drivers seat of the car, so that when you complete your journey and get out of the car, the alarm sounds reminding you to get out your baby.  I think this system could be re-purposed with the help of a GPS system so that whenever you got out of the car in a petrol station a voice said “Remember to fill up with Diesel!”.  You can have that one for free Ford!

So there you have it, if you consider yourself forgetful enough to need one of theese you can buy them directly from the Baby Alert International website and they are approximately £44.63 each, depending on the current exchange rate.

So do you spend the best part of £50 on a high tech proximity alarm system, or if you really are so forgetful that you will leave the most important person in your life alone in a car try this.

Dog Lead

Infant Proximity Recall Device

Infant Proximity Recall Device

The above image is a device of my own design, it may look exactly like a dog lead, however it is in fact the latest in high tech hardware.  You simply attatch the large black handle to your baby’s car seat and then attach the other end around your neck using the built in clip, then should you complete your journey and get out and walk 15 meters you will know about it.

This is available for nearly half the price at a mere £25.50 from Feedem and a lot less from your local pet store.  I repeat it is NOT a dog lead.  If you want to go even cheaper consider investing in a permanent marker and writing “BABY” on the backs of both hands, this should issue a reminder before any harm comes to your child.

What do you think?  Willing to own up to leaving your child on top of a piano?  Join the discussion on Facebook.

You left me where!

Bumbo Play Tray

How to attach  the Bumbo Play Tray

Many parents agree that the Bumbo Play Tray is a fantastic idea and that it makes a valuable addition to the bumbo baby seat.
That said some parents, especially of larger children complain that the white Bumbo Play Tray is extremely difficult to attach.

So how can I easily put on the tray?

If you have a small child you could affix the tray before seating baby.  This isn’t always possible though and so these instructions may come in handy.

  1. Seat your little one comfortably in the chair on the floor.
  2. Push the top lip of the tray over the leg divider without catching any of babies skin or clothes and watch out for little fingers which usually try and grab at anything you are doing!
  3. Squash the base of the seat up towards the bottom lip of the tray and slide it under the base, without tilting the seat too much.
  4. Relax and make yourself a cuppa whilst your tot busies themselves with their toys.  You’ve probably earned it.
This video may give a better visual representation of the above instructions, maybe next time I will try with a baby in the chair!

Still having trouble?

Bumbo must have listened to parents who have had trouble with this as they have released an opaque play tray which affixes directly to the leg divider so that mummy or daddy doesn’t have to mess about tilting the seat with their child in it!

Blue Bumbo Baby Seat with Opaque plastic Play Tray

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